How can churches create a future for faith formation using the four scenarios as a guide to responding creatively and proactively to the religious and spiritual needs of people—today and into the future? The good news is that there are proven strategies, ideas, and resources that can bring the four scenarios to life in a congregation. The following sixteen strategies are offered as a starting point for designing the future of faith formation in each scenario. They are not intended as a definitive list, but as a helpful guide. Many of the strategies can be customized for use in multiple scenarios. Every church can learn from the experience of these strategies and innovations, and adapt them to the size, geography, people, and cultures of a particular church.

The Sixteen Faith Formation 2020 Strategies Picture

  1. Faith Formation through the Life of the Whole Church
  2. Faith Formation using Digital Media and Web Technologies
  3. Family Faith Formation
  4. Intergenerational Faith Formation
  5. Generational Faith Formation
  6. Milestones Faith Formation
  7. Faith Formation in Christian Practices
  8. Transforming the World: Engagement in and Formation for Service and Mission
  9. Spiritual Formation
  10. Multi-Ethnic Faith Formation
  11. Faith Formation for Spiritual Seekers
  12. Apprenticeships in Discipleship
  13. Pathways to Vibrant Faith and Active Engagement
  14. Faith Formation in Third Place Settings
  15. Empowering the Community to Share their Faith
  16. Interfaith Education and Dialogue

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