Rosita Kavilpurayidathil, Sister of Charity of Nazareth, writes about involvement of  Navjyoti Center Campaign to End Violence Against Women.

Sixteen days of an International Campaign to end violence against women was organized in Surkhet by governmental and non-governmental organizations working with women there.

It began on Nov. 25, with a rally by organizations including Navjyoti Center ran by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

SCN-violence womenWomen and men processed through the market area with banners, placards and slogans to promote public awareness regarding violence against women. It has been a great challenge to all the NGOs working for women’s development in Nepal.

The Chautari group of Navjyoti center prepared and displayed a street play on violence against women near Pipira Chowk where 55 women from Navjyoti’s new women’s groups, some neighbors and passersby were present to watch the awareness program. The story was based on an actual incident and touched the heart of the audience. The street play was also presented in their village in Thathapani where about 200 women and men were present. The chairperson of the area committee who was the chief guest for the gathering and was inspired by the emotional scenes and pledged to work for reducing violence against women in his area and he requested everyone present to begin with oneself.

Representatives of different NGOs spoke on the occasion. Discussions on the topic was held during the two gatherings of women group leaders of Navjyoti and they were motivated to work for ending violence against women and promised to begin it from their own families.

The 16 day campaign came to an end on Dec. 10 in the evening with a rally by organizations including Navjyoti Center and the human rights organizations in Surkhet, carrying lighted candles and placing them in Birendra Chowk. Different dignitaries spoke at the gathering regarding the need to end all kinds of violence against women and encouraged those present on the occasion to start practicing non-violence in their own families and to promote  peace in the families and in the world. During this period three estranged families have been reunited through the intervention of Navjyoti Center.