Good works do pay – Study shows that education can cost less that poverty !

CANBERRA:  The first economic analysis of a groundbreaking university course for Australians experiencing multiple disadvantage has found potential savings of $14, 624 per annum to the community for every student who participated. This is nearly three times what it costs to deliver the program. Indicative results from 18 students who completed in-depth surveys over a period of time at three Catalyst Clemente study sites found that close to two-thirds (60 per cent) of the costs of running the Catalyst-Clemente program, a Liberal Arts course for people struggling with homelessness, mental illness or long-term unemployment were, in actual practice, offset by savings to government in the areas of health and justice functions. This points to a relatively high realisation of potential savings. As Professor Greg Craven, Vice-Chancellor of Australian Catholic University says, ‘Good works do pay.’  READ MORE

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