manger sceneProtect Those Living in Poverty from the “Fiscal Cliff”. There are many powerful lobbies in Washington. But who is lobbying for  the “least of my brothers and sisters”?

Sheila Gilbert, President of the National Council of the SVDP USA, writes..

Tell Your Senators and Representatives To Protect the Working Poor

President Obama and Speaker Boehner are discussing a budget package to avoid the “fiscal cliff” — automatic spending cuts and tax increases that will kick in right after the year ends if a compromise isn’t reached.  As Vincentians, we are aware that these discussions could have a dramatic impact on the people we serve.  Consequently, we ask that you write your senators and representatives, urging them to avoid the fiscal cliff with a bipartisan and balanced agreement that raises adequate revenue while  preserving programs that serve those living in poverty.

If possible, please include specific stories of people who might be affected by the cuts, keeping in mind not to sensationalize their situations or reveal their identities. We have a unique charism in doing home visits and that should be the basis for our stories so that our senators and representatives appreciate that we are not supporting an ideology, but, rather, simply speaking up for those in need.

Click on the “Take Action Now” link to take you to the letter drafts that you can send to your senators and representatives.

Yours in St. Vincent and Blessed Frederic,

Sheila K. Gilbert
National Council of the U.S.
Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Take Action!

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