A time of joyful hope was shattered by violence with the school shooting on December 14, 2012, in Connecticut.
The Prince of Peace was once a child whose peers were slain by Herod’s senseless rage. Today, let us pray…

God with us,
As a babe, you were spared the wrath of Herod,
But lived to feel the pain of the Cross.

Be with us in our pain today
As we mourn the loss of so many
Taken so soon
For a “why” we may never grasp.

Mother Mary,
The distant sobs
Of your sisters and friends
Echoed ‘til they reached you on Golgotha.

Be with parents and friends
Who mourn in these days
As they pray for it all
To make sense, to stop hurting.

Prince of Peace
Living Sign of God’s love
You conquered death so we might live
In belief that you will come again.

Be with us now
To be strong for others
To speak truth to power, truth with love
To end violence, to let peace reign in our hearts.

Courtesy of Education for Justice

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