Daybreak (Macon Georgia) is officially open! Click Here to watch the WMAZ news piece on Daybreak’s Grand Opening and find out how to get involved. Liz Greim writes…

The Daybreak Grand Opening and Ribbon cutting was a dawning for us.  It is the first day of the shift from construction being the main focus to programing and services being as it should be the focus of our ministry.  The Depaul members from USA and International were speechless when they walked in and saw the transformation to the building.  We know this is just the beginning…in time they will be awestruck at the transformation of people and their lives.

See also news of the country’s first homeless film festival featuring an exciting night of discussion and thought-provoking films. Depaul USA, working with One Step Away, Bethesda Project, and Project HOME in a unique cross-agency collaboration, sponsored the festival on October 16th. It was standing room only at the Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia  where over two hundred people attended to watch films cutting through stereotypes about homelessness. Films portrayed men, women, teenagers, a college graduate and families experiencing homelessness.

One homeless man asked what he could do to effect change.  Ned Eckhardt, a documentary filmmaker on the speakers’ panel, urged him to take a cue from Homeless Has a Name and tell people his story. Eckhardt said, “The more people who know about the struggles of homelessness and who can spread the message, the sooner we’ll have a solution.”

Click Here to read more about the film festival in an article about the event published in Newsworks.

Five of the films can be viewed at the film festival’s website:

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