Newly-created Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle was unable to hold back tears during the Consistory at St. Peter’s Basilica on Saturday. The moment came as Benedict XVI handed him his gold ring and biretta. Tagle later explained why he became so emotional during the ceremony.

RomeReports quotes CARD. LUIS ANTONIO TAGLE Archbishop of Manila (Philippines) 

“I cry easily, and I guess when you are before a great mystery that you know is beyond you, a calling, a grace, a mission, then, you know, you  tremble, but at the same time you’re happy.” 

Cardinal Tagle, 55, is the second youngest member of the College of Cardinals. Saturday’s Consitory reinforces the growth and presence of cardinals from Asia. Tagle was one of three Asian cardinals created during the ceremony, raising the continent’s representation to 20 total. Of those 20, 11 of them are eligible to become papal electors.