The Sisters of Charity Federation Board met in New Orleans in October 2012. The following report is from the Sisters of Charity Federation website.


The Board met in New Orleans in October 2012 to enable special visits to the Sisters at the current House of Charity and to explore the construction of the new House of Charity. Thanks to Sisters Monica Gundler, Renee Rose and Claire Regan for keeping the mission of HOC alive.  The Board is formalizing their relationship with HOC in a Memorandum of Understanding.

(Visit the Sisters of Charity Federation website to identify people in the picture. Click on the picture to enlarge.)

The Board explored the following topics:

  • Reviewed and edited the SC Federation Strategic Plan 2012-2017, based upon input from the June 2012 Annual Meeting. (see attached)
  • The Executive Board of Seton Heritage Ministries shared their plans for building the Board and committees.
  • Reviewed reports of collaborative Federation efforts, including the evaluations of the July 1970s and Beyond Gathering in Nazareth, activities of the Federation NGO office at the UN, and the planning for regional inter-congregational Grassroots gatherings to explore The Future of Charity is Now. Stay tuned.
  • Gave input to the planners for the June 2013 SC Federation Annual Meeting in Leavenworth, KS. The planners chose the theme: Courageous Charity: Deepening Collaboration.
  • Explored links with the Vincentian Family, including the participation of 22 Federation members at the September national meeting of the Ladies of Charity, opportunities for training in systemic change, and participation in the meeting of the Vincentian Family Leadership.
  • Elected new Board officers: S Donna Geernaert as president, S Judith Lynn Gardenhire as vice-president, S Mary Jo Ritter as secretary and S Marlene Mondalek as treasurer.

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