John Prager, CM writes… “This article is meant as a reflection on the renewal of Vincentian spirituality. It is not an historical study of the spirituality of Vincent de Paul. That work has already been done by more competent historians and students of spirituality. My concern is to relate key elements of the Vincentian tradition to contemporary concerns and approaches.

For this reason, at times, I have emphasized points that Vincent never considered and in a manner quite different than his own. It seems to me that in terms of renewal, we have to being the spirit which animated Vin­cent’s life into line with the Twentieth Century.

We cannot relive the Seventeenth Century. We can, however, revivify a spiritual tradition that began with a simple French priest in the age of the Counter-Reform. Structures and modes of living become obsolete, inneffectual and pass away. But a spirit lives on in the hearts of men and women, taking new form in each era.

So, while in some cases, I am conscious of having departed from the particular expressions of our founder, I believe that these reflec­tions are very faithful to his spirit.”

The article in outline…

This reflection has recently been posted  at and is drawn from a 1981 article that first appeared in Vincentiana.

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