“A dream comes true: VFCAP” is how Yasmine Cajuste, JMV International President, titles her reflection on VFCAP, a  week-long program in Paris she thinks will appeal to lay leaders.

“VFCAP is the answer to the expectations of many passionate members of the Vincentian Family. We are convinced that it will inspire us all to build a stronger network within and beyond the Vincentian Family. Reaching out to a dream is always risky, but we invite you to join us as we experience the beauty of our commitment to end poverty.”

“Fr. Gregory Gay, Superior General, listened to the dream of many Lay Vincentian leaders. With his General Council, he acknowledged the need of a specific formation program that could foster the emergence and preparation of members who could function collaboratively within the Vincentian Family for the service of those in poverty.”

VFCAP Banner


In 2011, the Vincentian Family Collaboration Commission (VFCC) was created to answer this call. When it all started, we could never imagine how far our thoughts were taking us. However, by the time of our second meeting in Beyrouth (Lebanon) in June 2012, we were determined to face the challenge of this dream. We knew we could count on a great Design Team, composed of representatives of the different Vincentian universities. The general outlines of the program were ready. It was time to start the Vincentian Family Collaborative Action Program (VFCAP), whose first training session will take place in Paris, in May 18-25, 2013.

What makes VFCAP an amazing and original program for Lay, Religious and Consecrated members of the Vincentian Family?

–        The goal is to call forth and galvanize the next generation of Vincentian Family members to effect collaboration in order to help people emerge from poverty;

–        The conception of the program itself is a collaborative effort of all the Vincentian Universities and representatives of different branches of the Vincentian Family;

–        The program is both theoretical and practical, and will give the participants the opportunity to experience the charism, explore different models of collaboration and deepen on the Systemic Change approach;

–        In addition to the training sessions, a follow-up process will help the participants engage in an ongoing dynamic of self-reflection and action.

VFCAP Prayer

“As we build the VFCAP, we decide to make ours this prayer: “Lord, let us be carried on the wings of our dreams with a confidence yet unknown. May we accept our challenges with unfounded enthusiasm and naïve expectations, for nothing is impossible in your midst. Let us be blind to obstacles and limitations as we build your glorious Kingdom.”

For more information, See the VFCAP flyer for more information or contact Fr. Joe Agostino, CM atagostinojv@gmail.com.



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