Fr. Joe Agostino, CM asks…

  • Do you ever feel over-whelmed at times by the quantity of issues which people living in poverty that we serve have to confront?
  • Did you ever wish you had more co-workers with the same Vincentian charism to collaborate with you in confronting these challenges?
  • Do you ever wonder about what impact we could have on the fight against poverty if we members of the Vincentian Family were to work as one body to lessen its effect on the lives of people?

Perhaps you would like to

  • appreciate the world wide Vincentian Family’s potential to help people and communities emerge from poverty.
  • become familiar with the Vincentian roots and tradition of collaboration.
  • examine different models of collaboration. through practical modules
  • learn how to motivate others to come together to plan new initiatives and promote Systemic Change.
  • appreciate that collaboration and Systemic Change are ongoing processes of conversion.

Then join 29 other people for a jam-packed week in Paris in May 2013!  An opportunity of a lifetime! The Vincentian Family is offering a unique opportunity for us to learn together what strategies we can use to collaborate in our struggle against poverty.

As the lottery slogan says… You have to be in it to win it!

See the VFCAP flyer for more information or contact Fr. Joe Agostino, CM at  See you in Paris!

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