Sewing Partners of Belize:From Paschal Maria Fernicola, SCN:

“August 23rd, our Las Flores sewing co-op decided unanimously to join a country-wide organization of sewing groups, directed by Pedro and Maria Perez of the Christian Sewing Partners of Belize, a branch of WORD AT WORK based in Texas.

Its objectives are to improve the lives of women through sewing and related skills development, and to empower women by building a network among themselves to enhance opportunities for sales and for obtaining supplies and further training. We all are very excited about the new opportunities opening before us!

Women will be free to market their articles of clothing through the organization under the label “Mareshah – Made in Belize”, make their own sales, or to sew for themselves. After more advanced training and graduation, they will have the option of buying a sewing machine at cost.

We have known about this group for some time, and it seems to be very reliable. Everyone appreciated the presentation given by the Perez couple who hope to begin further sewing instructions in the next few weeks, and to provide a sewing machine for each two persons during that time.

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