Homeless to Housed tells the story of Depaul USA’s Movin’ On project in New Orleans.
Ana and Kevin (not real names) had been homeless for about six months and were suffering from serious medical problems. Ana struggles with glaucoma, the sudden loss of vision from a brain lesion due to a head injury, the effects of a recent stroke, and anxiety. Kevin also suffers from anxiety. Ana was referred to LSU for her medical conditions and to Lantern Light to get her birth certificate and a valid identification card – documents needed to apply for housing.

In April, 2012, they came to Depaul USA’s Movin’ On project in New Orleans. Sister Kathleen transported them to the Crescent City Vision Center and later drove them on several occasions to the St. Vincent DePaul Pharmacy. Movin’ On also made an appointment for them to apply for housing at Unity of New Orleans. As a result of that application, Ana and Kevin received keys to an apartment in the upper 9th Ward in June.

Kevin and Ana are very happy to be off the streets and in their own place. They continue to come by weekly to say “Hi” and keep in touch with Sr. Kathleen.

In addition to its caseworker/transportation work, Movin’ On is honored to be participating in the following New Orleans projects:

Protecting Those Who Protected Us
Movin’ On is participating in a study of the unmet needs of local veterans.Members of this task force include Catholic Charities, St. Vincent DePaul Society, Red Cross, VFW, Tulane School of Social Work, Veterans Helping Veterans, and the VA Homeless Prevention Director. The group is currently researching the scale and scope of the veteran problem and the current gaps in services.

Human Trafficking
New Orleans will be hosting the Super Bowl in February 2013. In the run-up to the big game, numerous organizations and institutions, including Loyola University, FBI, Homeland Security, Catholic Charities, Violence against Women, and Depaul USA are organizing to fight human trafficking. Efforts will focus on both educating the public and businesses regarding this issue and providing a safe place for women to flee their abusers.

DepaulUSA website

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