If Depaul UK can bring together 2500 people to simultaneously solve the Rubik’s Cub on the On November the 21st 2012, Rubik’s donations to Depaul UK will reach an amazing £250,000!

There is a small registration fee of £5 per particpant – for this you will receive a bespoke Depaul UK Rubik’s Cube to practice in advance as well as goodies on the day. This fee goes towards your fundraising total, we have prizes for groups and individuals who raise the most sponsorship and carry out the most imaginative fundraising activities in the lead up to the event.
For the record… in 2011 “Not only did the event generate a whopping £35000, it apparently also broke the Guiness World Record for having the most people solving the cube at one place and time! The number came to 330 people who solved it which broke the record of 300 which was set in India not long ago.”

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