in a sign of raising consciousness became for a while what is called a “trending hashtag” (#CEOSleepout) demonstating its effect in raising awareness of the problems of homelessness according to the social media site Castleford.

“Last night’s Sleepout generated significant publicity and bought homelessness to the forefront of many people’s minds.

The hash tag #CEOSleepout was trending nationwide on Twitter and still is this morning (local time) as the chief executives around the country wake up from their slumber.

Organisers, supporters and the CEOs themselves all used the microblogging site to Tweet about their experiences.

“Getting ready to do my 5th Sleepout to raise money for homeless. It’s cold, uncomfortable & necessary #ceosleepout,” Tweeted Melina Schamroth, the founder of corporate and community coaching company

Members from the St Paul de Vincent Society also launched their own interactive Twitter campaign, reminding their followers of the concerning facts and statistics surrounding homelessness.

“Facts on homelessness. 58% of homeless people are under 35 years of age. 44% are women. 12% are under 12 years of age,” Tweeted @CEOSleepout. ‘

So far the initiative has raised $4,750,789 according a live tally on the Vinnies website. This year organisers hope to get the figure up to five million.

“We are very grateful and humbled by the growing support from corporate Australia,” manager of community and corporate relations at St Vincent de Paul Society Julie McDonald said on June 15.