Sister Caroljean WIllie, SC (Cinncinati)  gave a presentation to the joint meeting of Federation leaders and Company of Charity Formation Personnel held in New Brunswick June 14-17.   (CCFP is affiliated with the SC Federation.)  She then left for Brazil to participate with NGOs at the Rio+20 Earth Summit – UN Conference on Sustainable Development.

She is the Federation’s non-governmental organization (NGO) representative at the United Nations.  Addressing global concerns, the Federation NGO team promotes systemic change and is committed to education and advocacy for social and ecological justice.

Back row, left to right:  Sheilagh Martin, SC (Halifax); Caroljean Willie, SC; Betty Marie Dunkel, DC; Faith Colligan, DC and Louise Lears, SC (Cincinnati)

Front row:  Roma De Robertis, SCIC; Marie de Paul Combo, SCL; Irène Léger, NDSC and Marion Sheridan, CSM (Antigonish, Nova Scotia)   (Photo:  Cynthia Perry, SCIC Associate)

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