The economic crisis has left many people in desperate situations. A Spanish organization decided to respond to this need by creating a so called ‘Solidarity Bank.’  RomeReports TV has a 90 second video

Through this website, people in Spain, can request everything from food, clothes, books, wheelchairs and even legal consulting. All through donations from every day people.

For example, one person writes, “I urgently need food, clothes and a mattress for my 11 year old. I don’t have a job and things are very limited.”

Another writes, can someone help me with eyeglasses? I don’t have enough money to buy them.”

In just a matter of days, about 100 people have requested help.

The website was launched by Spanish organization called ‘Mensajeros de la Paz,’ or Messengers of Peace. The idea is simple.  People in need, submit a quick application online, where they write what they need. Then, someone who sees their post can respond and help.

Money is not given out. But people can also donate money to the organization, which can be used to pay for people’s needs. The organization tries to emphasize the spirit of generosity, where people share part of what they have, not necessarily only what they have left over.

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