Given the growing importance of Facebook (its current membership ranks behind only the population of China and India) it occurred to me to ask the various groups who have Facebook presence to provide their Facebook url by commenting on this post. The thought was that it could be mutually beneficial if we” Friend” each other as the list grows.

So my intention was to provide a starter list of Vincentian Family related Facebook pages and ask for your additions.

Starting the list was easy…

But the devil is in the details as they say…

Searching Google for the “Society of St. Vincent de Paul” “Facebook” turns up a variety of organizations including some that have apparently automatically generated by Facebook…

Similarly searching Google for “Daughters of Charity”  “Facebook ”

And we haven’t begun to search for the various groups of the Sisters of Charity (Leavenworth, Seton Hill, etc).
Remember this is just English language Facebook sites!
All this seems to reinforce the importance of  a collaborative project by organizations identifying with the Vincentian Family to identify our presence on Facebook.
While it is by no means a perfect method I suggest that various Vincentian Family organizations who wish to be included in a fledgling database of Vincentian Family-related Facebook pages use the “Commnet” link on this post to submit the title and link of their Facebook page. These can be gathered on Vincentian Family on Facebook page to be created.
Then perhaps we go about supporting one another with our “Likes”
Anyone else have ideas about how to go about this?
Perhaps someone who knows Facebook better than I can find some way of indexing the presence of the Vincentian Family on Facebook. If so please comment.




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