Catholic Tech talk writes, “We’ve all undoubtedly heard at least quotes from the First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians, but have you ever heard the response letter from the Corinthians to St. Paul?

“Of course not, for it doesn’t exist.  Maybe it existed once, and is now lost to history, but chances are it never existed.  This highlights one of our significant challenges with Social Media.  Driving adoption of Social Media within the church isn’t really that much about the technology.  Its more about change, and Social Media is indeed changing the way we’re used to communicating.  The church’s communication is typically one-way communication.  A priest preaches from the pulpit, the homily is delivered, and the bulletin is disseminated.  These traditional forms of communication do not invite group interaction.  Two-way communication is typically done in one-on-one meetings or small group discussions.

“This is a new concept and a new way of communicating, but as Bishop Herzog pointed out in a 2010 presentation, “Social Media… is causing as fundamental a shift in communication patterns and behavior as the printing press did 500 years ago. And I don’t think I have to remind you of what happened when the Catholic Church was slow to adapt to that new technology.”

“There’s two concerns that always surface about trying to use Social Media within the Church:  time commitment and negative commentary…

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