“During this time when we celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we ought to reflect and ask ourselves if we have truly risen with the Lord. How dowe know if this has occurred? We will know this if our attitude is one of doing good for others, especially the poor. Indeed it is in the poor that we find Christ himself reflected, Christ who died for us and rose in order to gift us with eternal life.”  writes Jorge Salazar in introducing the issue.

Learn about activities in

  • EUROPE… Belarus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland
  • ASIA…Philippines, Vietnam,
  • OCEANIA…Solomon Islands

Read a reflection “When the faith of the VMY is put to the test…” by Ghislain Atemezing

“The struggle against hunger – Supporting Haiti and Honduras“…

 The Director General confirmed the following appointments:

  • Sr Paola Vera (Advisor, Chile), Sr
  • María Dolores Rojas (Advisor, Equitorial Guinea) and the advisor for Vietnam.

 On March 18 – 19 Argelys Vega (International Councilor) and Father Pavol (Sub-director General)

visited Guatemala and Panamá and in the name of the Internation Team offered various sessions

of formatiion for the advisors in the Central American countries. [See more…]

 The International Secretariat wants to welcome Jorge Salazar from Nicaragua. He comes with

great enthusiasm to work on behalf of our Association.

 The three volunteers and the International Delegate, Sister Bernardita participated in the Youth

Easter, an interprovincial celebration that took place in La Mata (León). Father Pavol participated

in the Youth Easter that was celebrated in Ávila.

 From March 29 – April 1, Sister Isabel Higueras (Advisor, España) and Ghislain Atemezing

(International Councilor) participated in an international gathering with regard to the

celebration of WYD … a gathering that took place in Rome. The objective of this gathering was

to evaluate the previous celebration of WYD (Madrid 2011) and begin to plan for the next

celebration which will take place in Rio in 2013). [See more…]

 The International Secretariat is looking for new volunteers who speak English and who speak

Portuguese. Candidates interested in offering this service should be presented to us by May 30th,

2012. Let us pray that young men and women will be generous in offering their services.


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