Virtual retreat houses and monasteries – A video clip from  reports that he Archdiocese of Valencia, Spain put forth their own proposal for Lent. It’s a virtual monastery that offers ideas on what to give up during this season. In this particular abbey you can surf the net to view their chapel, library, cloister, garden, and other areas. The site helps its viewers to better understand the meaning of Lent and Easter. Through papal documents, a Way of the Cross, catechesis for young people, and readings on how to confess. The site is aimed at individuals, but there is also sections for parishes, schools, and families. A calendar also has recommended audio files, videos and other websites to follow for Lent. It’s one more way that people are using technology to deepen their faith.

For very well-thought out virtual Retreat visit  St Michael the Archangel Virtual Retreat House

“Great surprises come sometimes when one stops at a place set apart. From time to time, Jesus withdrew to a quiet place to nourish his spirit. And countless others, like Paul Francis Danei, by pausing and opening their hearts, found themselves touched by God’s waiting grace.
Can there be a place like this on the Internet? A place of grace where your spirit is nourished and you can reach out to your God? Perhaps it may be here.
Come aside and rest awhile. Listen to a few simple words. Pray. Be refreshed. Consider the mysteries of God and your own mysterious life.

You may wish to start by thinking about how a virtual retreat might fit into your life now by looking at What is a Retreat?

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