Sisters and Associates gathered in Smith Hall on Saturday, February 25, for the first Congregation Day of 2012. The theme of the day was, “Crossing the Threshold: Integration of Interview Perspectives within the Paschal Mystery.” The meeting was facilitated by John Reid and Maureen Gallagher, who were asked by our Leadership to help implement the Direction Statement reached at the 2011 Assembly, “Igniting Charity Anew.”

With the help of the facilitators, an interview process was established last fall whereby each and every Sister and Associate was asked to reflect on the legacy of our founders, their past experiences, focus on the future, and share their hopes for the Congregation. It was important to hear every voice so that together, we may renew our commitment to continue forward with our mission of charity. And so with the interviews completed, we gathered together in prayer on February 25th to share our faith, deepen our relationships, and explore our future.

The day was spent in lively discussion as we presented our ideas and looked for ways to express “the heart of the matter” at hand. By the end of the day each table created a “Circle of Grace” where they provided three steps that might help us navigate our journeys as individuals. Our hope at this juncture is to find ways to empower the Congregation to move deeper into the Paschal Mystery and continue to journey over the thresholds of our future.

We invite you to view this short video of our day. Please click on the link below.

View our Congregation Day Video»

Source: Website of the Sisters of Charity of New York


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