FAMVIN was unavailable for the past couple of days due to a grave error on the part of the techie who is supposed to keep this site up and running like a clock.

In an effort to speed up our response time, compression was enabled. The theory was that this would make pages load faster and more efficiently when you came to view the site. The reality was that the pages didn’t even open in the browser. The compression setting has now been disabled, and it seems that the website is now working as it should be.

It’s that law of unintended consequences…

Apologies to those of you who encountered problems. I broke one of my own rules: never make changes, no matter how great the idea seems, if I (the technical person) will be unavailable to fix things for a couple of days.

Thanks to those who communicated with us and helped to uncover the nature of the problem so that it could be corrected.