How were these passions connected? “…”after thinking the project over, Vincent reached the conclusion that by doing something for the clergy,something would be done for the poor as well.”

VinFormation celebrates January 25: Foundation of the Congregation of the Mission with two new slide presentations.

“Vincent de Paul was fired by passion to meet the material and spiritual needs of persons who were poor. With a talent for organizing others who shared his passion, he began a group of priests and Brothers, the Congregation of the Mission, for the evangelization of the poor and the formation of the clergy. The two presentations offer more details on each of these missions. ” Click on the arrow at the lower right-hand corner to advance to the next slide. Scroll down for a list of more pages related to the Congregation of the Mission.

Download the PDF of Virtues and Spiritual Doctrine of Saint Vincent De Paul which was source for the text of these presentations.

See also how Vincent and Louise shared the same passion for the poor.

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