“For the third time through NUNS BUILD, our Sister of Charity Federation’s House of Charity has hosted a house full of Sisters from across the Federation in working alongside the St Bernard Project (SBP) to restore houses here in New Orleans. A total of 13 Sisters from Nazareth, KY; Cincinnati, OH; Boston, MA (Halifax); and New York, NY gathered from November 12 – November 19, eager to do work such as drywall installation, painting, spackling (known here as “mudding”), sanding, insulation and exterior scraping/painting in two houses being restored through the support of SBP and its scores of volunteers from across the country. More than 90 people came to town as part of the NUNS BUILD week, mostly Sisters but also family members and associates.”

Saint Bernard Parish was totally demolished by the havoc of Katrina and the flooding. A 35 foot storm surge from the Gulf destroyed 100% of the parish’s residential homes and because of incidents such as contractor fraud, or theft, or bureaucratic red tape many people still have not returned home.

Visit NUNS BUILD for more pictures and information about this fascinating project.

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