Join people of faith all over our country (USA) as religious leaders offer reflections and prayers for

  • Government officials – the Super Committee, the members of Congress, all  elected and appointed leadership –calling them to moral discernment  around the common good.
  • The most visibly vulnerable people in our society who will be impacted by the work of the Super Committee – and how they  represent vulnerability for all of us.
  • The need for civil discourse around the common good and the distribution of our  nation’s abundant resources.
  • Faith-inspired advocates as we witness to our concern for people who are most  vulnerable, demonstrating our commitment to the common good.

Join them in interfaith prayer via teleconference…

  • to raise awareness
  • to find inspiration
  • to prepare for action…

as people of faith committed to the common good.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 203:00 PM EASTERN [2 pm central; 1 pm mountain; 12 noon pacific]

This Prayer Vigil will reflect the spirit of the Interfaith Prayer Vigil that will be held in Washington, DC, on the same day at 3 pm eastern.
A limited number of toll-free lines will be made available for those who would not otherwise be able to participate on the call.

To register for the call, visit:
Sponsored by Faithful Reform in Health Care, the largest interfaith coalition of national, state, & local communities of faith and individuals working together for inclusive, affordable, accessible, and accountable health care for all.

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