(Romereports.comHollywood prepares three huge films on biblical personalities. These are the stories of Noah, Moses and Judas Maccabeus. On October 3, Paramount Pictures announced the start of the movie production “Noah”. After a tough battle with 20th Century Fox, Paramount came away with the rights to the project.

The film will be directed by Darren Aronofsky and has the same screenwriter from “Gladiator”. While the main actor is slated to be Christian Bale.

The other two biblical projects are being produced by Warner Bros.

The first is the big-budget film “Gods and Kings” about the life of Moses. Among the possible directors, Steven Spielberg has been mentioned as a possibility.

According to The Guardian newspaper, this project could be delayed by the other Warner project on Judas Maccabeus from Mel Gibson.


  • Did you ever see “The Ten Commandments”, “THe Greatest Story Ever Told”,”Ben Ur”, “The Robe”, etc.? At the time what did you think of it them?
  • What are your expectations of these proposed prductions?