We have heard the mantra about John Paul II’s challenge t0  Vincentians –  “Understand underlying causes and work toward long-term solutions”.

How do we move beyond the mantra?

With the theme  “Building Bridges Out Of Poverty” the Vincentian Family will gather in Indianapolis to focus on exactly that – moving beyond mantras to the effective action so dear to our founders.

In response to a similar workshop a community leader wrote “So many missing pieces of the poverty puzzle came together in my mind. Besides adjusting some of my own practices when caring for families in poverty, now I am a much stronger advocate for change in our policies and procedures in delivering healthcare to those in poverty.” (From the Building Bridges website testimonials)

Isn’t that what we are about?

Bridges Out of Poverty is a starting point where one can develop accurate mental models of poverty, middle class, and wealth. It will present the hidden rules of each group which prevent understanding and real collaboration and progress. It is a new lens through which all can view themselves, their clients, and the community. People from all economic classes come together to improve job retention rates, build resources, improve outcomes, and support those who are moving out of poverty. A book and many practical resources unpack various aspects of the approach .

Building on the 2010  Vincentian Family Gathering in Belleville once again Family leadership and ministers will gather  in Indianapolis October 20-23, 2011. For further details view this Building Bridges Fact Sheet (PDF)

So let’s move beyond the mantra!


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