The CM Province of New England has compiled the most complete coverage and collection of photos about the recent inauguration of the new Province of St. Louise in St. Louise. Congratulations to Toma in Poland, administrator of the New England site. His work is a fine example of the work of Vincentians transcending geographical borders.

Thoughts for consideration about transcending borders…

  • This simplification of administrative structures  in order to serve more effectively was not accomplished without great effort and rethinking. All involved should be congratulated and blessed.
  • Given the concern for more effective service of those we serve might there be something to be learned about greater collaboration in ministry across the Vincentian Family?
  • While maintaining our unique manifestations of the charism are their creative and courageous way to collaborate in order to serve more effectively in areas where multiple branches of the family are present?
  • If there are what is holding us back?
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If you are interested here is a link to download Sister of Charity Sr. Regina’s Bechtle’s presentation on collaboration and its obstacles  Going with God’s Flow“”This is about the energy of the Spirit, the energy and life and power that comes to us from the Risen Christ, the kind of ENERGY we celebrate at Eastertide.1. My first point today is this: GOD’S ENERGY IMPELS US TOWARD RELATIONSHIP, CONNECTION, COLLABORATION, PARTNERSHIP.2. But, even though God never stops calling us to move in harmony with God’s energy, we find so many ways to block and resist that energy. So in the second part I’d like to reflect with you on the taste and feel and shape of RESISTANCE. I’ll invite you to explore how RESISTANCE IS AN INVITATION, a doorway that can lead to transformation. We’ll see what can happen when we turn resistance around, redirect its energy, and “go with the flow.”

3. Lastly, in our rich tradition of Charity we have a great resource to help us harness the energy of resistance and tap into the flow of God’s energy. We have the gift of the LIFE & WISDOM OF OUR VINCENTIAN FOUNDERS. And we have the great Vincentian word: “AND.””

Full text Going with God’s Flow

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