JMV writes,There are only 25 more days left, till we meet here in Madrid in the International Vincentian Youth Gathering and World Youth Day! In the days prior to our meeting, on top of all the paperwork, all the things we have to prepare; all of us who are preparing for these beautiful meetings are so happy in knowing that very soon, 1,800 Vincentians (some are volunteers, other pilgrims), are going to gather in Madrid o celebrate our faith, To further deepen our Vincentian charism To fortify the ties that unite us as different branches of the Vincentian Family, And to culminate our pilgrimage as we unite to more that one million young Christians that will also be there at World Youth Day, with his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

“It’s going to be awesome! We would also like to send our greetings to all those Vincentians that for one reason or another could not come, because we know that in different parts of the world they will be united to us through prayer and by following us through the use of the internet or the news of all the activities that are happening in Madrid.

Well before you get to Madrid, it is important that we take a moment and reflect upon the following questions: What are expecting of the VYG (Vincentian Youth Gathering) and the WYD? Why are we gathering these days in Madrid? What is the commitment that God wants to give us? And if we are willing to go back to our countries, our provinces, our homes; are we willing to assume the commitment God has in store for us these days and to continue to give witness to our faith? T

he fact is that in participating in both meetings it must help us fortify our commitment as a Church, and we must always consider that our Vincentian charism is only a grain of sand in the universal church’s entire mission. On the other hand, both of these gatherings, the VYG and the WYD must be a loudspeaker through which the Church’s message can reach all parts of the World, and with our joy and our testimony, we may contribute to the diffusion of the faith in Christ Jesus.

We must remember that WYD does not finish on August 21st, but that this is the date on which it begins, because when we return home, we must continue our work in becoming catholic youth through our actions, always manifesting our faith wherever we may be. Finally, we wish that all the participants of the VYG and WYD have a good trip as you make your way to Madrid; we encourage and invite you to come with open hearts, desiring to share with other youth and desiring to listen to what God has in store for us. We await you all in Madrid.

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