“Eucharist Without Borders: God’s Welcoming Table and Comprehensive Immigration Reform” will explore the Catholic church’s calling to promote just immigration policy reform. The title of this conference highlights the truth that the Christian church cannot celebrate Eucharist and ignore the plight of undocumented immigrants. For Catholics, wherever Mass is celebrated, there can be no strangers, no borders and no closed doors.

The program is directed at pastors, preachers, liturgical ministers and social activists who seek to make evident that what happens in worship is directly linked to what happens on our nation’s borders and in our communities.

Speakers include Gerald Kicanas, Bishop of the Diocese of Tucson; Minerva Carcana, Bishop of the Phoenix Episcopal Region of the United Methodist Church; William O’Neill, S.J.; Rev. John Fife; Jill Marie Gerschutz; Elena Segura and NCR correspondent John L. Allen, Jr.

Celebration hosted its first gathering on the topic of comprehensive immigration reform with A Light to the Nations [3], held January 12-14, 2011 in San Antonio.

Why Arizona?
Eucharist Without Borders takes place at Esplendor Resort at Rio Rico, one hour south of Tucson, Arizona. Arizona is controversial for its immigration policies. Despite the boycott of ordinary convention activity, we feel that in order to bring about a solution to the immigration crisis, it is important we gather at a source of the problem. Our proximity to the border will allow attendees opportunities to experience the plight of migrants and meet with organizations ministering to them. These first-hand experiences are integral to our event and build on the conference theme, “Eucharist Without Borders.”

More information about the event can be found on the Celebration Web site [2].


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