Louise was profoundly affected by her Light of Pentecost experience. At this time of year the Vincentian Encyclopedia would like to draw attention to some newly translated material about Louise that provides insights that may be a surprise to some.

The faith of Saint Louise in light of an individualistic society Rev. Benito Martínez, CM

The ecclesial and charitable experience of Saint Louise de Marillac Yesterday and today Sister Maria Angeles Infante, DC

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Her Light of Pentecost Experience

On June 4, 1623, her “light of Pentecost” at the Church of Saint-Nicolas-des-Champs This day, during Mass, she received the great Light of Pentecost: on Sunday, June 4, 1623. Suddenly, her mind was instantly freed of all doubt. In this spiritual experience, God helped her to understand what was expected of her: first of all that she should remain with her husband, and that God indicated to her who her spiritual guide would be: Vincent de Paul, and also assured her that she would later live in community in order to serve persons living in poverty: “a time would come when I would be in a position to make vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and that I would be in a small community…where I could help  my neighbor…there was to be much coming and going…”  So God had not rejected her desire to consecrate herself totally to  serve God. Far from holding her accountable for not having fulfilled her promise, God assured her that one day she would carry it out.

From http://www.ssvpglobal.org/archivo/doc_0555_en.pdf


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