Vincentians in France are known as “Lazarists” since St. Lazare played such an important part in its early history. After its confiscation by the revolutionary government, Saint-Lazare began another long chapter in its history serving as a women’s prison until 1932. The Vincentian Studies Institute has created its, and the university’s, first permanent virtual multi-media exhibition “Saint-Lazare as a Women’s Prison: 1794-1932.”.

Unlike traditional museum exhibitions, virtual exhibitions not only remain permanently accessible, but also are changeable. The platform designed to house this exhibition will provide the template for future exhibitions by the university’s libraries, archives, and special collections departments, highlighting DePaul’s wide-ranging collections.

The Vincentian Studies Institute invites you to attend the “non-virtual” premiere  on April 14, 2011 of DePaul’s first “virtual” exhibition “Saint-Lazare as a Women’s Prison: 1794-1932.”


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