Thus writes the the Ladies of Charity USA website. “LCUSA has been twinning with AIC MADAGASCAR for several years now. Fifteen different associations throughout this impoverished island nation look to the Ladies of Charity USA to give them a much-needed helping hand.

One of the five projects with which we can help AIC MADAGASCAR is in Manakara.”

Healthcare is provided by specially trained AIC volunteers. By means of a small monthly contribution, mothers and their families living in poverty are provided free healthcare and medicine. By making a donation, we can help make this an ongoing project. An appeal letter will be sent shortly but you may choose to donate now. These mothers and families are very grateful for the help that we can provide. Indeed, let us Ladies of Charity be a blessing to them.


  • What do you think of twinning as a way of helping those less fortunate than one’s self?
  • Do you know of any twinning programs – parish to parish, diocese to diocese, SVDP, etc.?
  • Would you be interested in a Google search for twinning programs reported in the pages of famvin?

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