The International Daughters of Charity Site continues their “Focus On” series with a story about co-operation between the Daughters of Charity and the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia. The Daughters of Charity in Australia have a long history of collaboration with the St Vincent de Paul Society. An example is that Sr Gwen Tamlyn worked for many years as Spiritual Advisor to the State Council of New South Wales. Many sisters have also acted as Spiritual advisors to conferences and councils and some continue to do so. Sr Therese Haywood has been working with the St Vincent de Paul Society in Canberra Goulburn since January 2004.


  • How well do you think the various branches of the Vincentian Family collaborate with one another?
  • What has been your general experience of collaboration in serving those who live on the margins?
  • Would you like to collaborate more but don’t quite know how to go about it?

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