Given the recent letter of the Superior General encouraging the formation of Vincentian Youth groups the English page of the Vincentian Marian  Youth has posted a detailed resource (pdf download) explaining the general guidelines and offering very practical tools in forming groups. It even includes a section (100 ideas for the moderator of the youth group). The same page offers a link to a YouTube video in which the leaders introduce the document.

Outline of the document

1. Introduction: purpose of this of this document
2. Key ideas to initiate a VMY group
3. Process of initiating a VMY group
4. Stages in the life of a group
5. Functions and basic formation of the group moderator
6. Suggestions for the self financing of the group
7. External instances that can help the moderator to carry out his/her service
8. Conclusion
1. Planning life with the group
· Criteria
· Strong experiences during the initiation of the group
· Thematic proposal for a year
· Example of an annual work schedule (chronogram)
· Basic suggestions for a meeting
2. Four examples of group meetings
· To know myself and my colleagues;
· To know Jesus of Nazareth
· To discover VMY
· An encounter with the poor
3. Some group techniques
4. 100 ideas for the moderator of the youth group

(pdf download)

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