What is happening on the street sometimes appears to be the equivalent of a blood sport. One with no rules and that makes no sense. When assessing each individual’s struggle to avoid facing the hole they are in, it’s clear that the denial factor can be lethal.  They disregard their health in the name of some kind of psychic survival that’s invisible to the rest of us.” Street Logic, a book by Steve Sundberg, is a reality based novel. It is a fictionalized account of the author’s own experiences as an outreach worker to homeless men and women who somehow survive, for a while at least, on the streets of Boston. “It is in Sundberg’s humanizing portrayal of the indomitable spirit inherent in his fascinating homeless characters that we come to understand the issues.”

The review in PovertyInsights.org presents a telling list of insights into the conditions that lead so many to conclude it is better to stay on the street than in shelters. The reviewer’s thumbnail sketches of  the cast of characters telling presents the people that we all too often see but do not see.

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