Has Poverty Disappeared From the National Dialogue at a time when48 million Americans now live in poverty. Reflecting on the what was not said in the recent State of the Union message a writer asks “Is it a window into a national culture that has become callous and indifferent to those so marginalized that they have literally disappeared from the national dialogue.”

“I understand why the president feels compelled to keep the focus on education, economic growth, innovation, renewable energy, free trade, and platitudes about America winning the future. But it’s not just a coincidence that each of those issues affects constituencies who have enough economic or political power to project a voice loud enough to be heard in Washington. Or that those who live in poverty do not.”

He concludes with the thought “And it will only change when each of us commits to listen and respond to not only the loudest voices, but the most silent as well.

Is this silence something Vincentians should be concerned about?

Are the least fortunate in our personal dialog?

What might we be able to do about it

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