An innovative Campus Ministry Lenten  initiative, “Be a Saint”, invites students to grow and learn about the University’s Catholic and Vincentian identity and how it can help transform their life and the life of the St. John’s community. In short, pray, learn and serve.

Throughout the semester, they are invited to grow closer to God through prayer,  learn about the Holy Men and Women who were the light of Christ for others  and further develop their own vocation to holiness by  simple acts of kindness as well as opportunities to serve those in need throughout the larger New York community.

The program will feature things like Residence Village Prayer Rooms, a lecture series “Heros of our Faith” and daily Vincentian Service experiences.

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Beyond the news…

Have you ever thought of yourself as a saint? If not, why not? What really is a saint?

Have you ever had a discussion with anyone about holiness in daily life?

Where would you turn to understand spirituality? Vincentian Spirituality?

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