StreetWise, among the largest “street papers” in the United States devoted four pages to examining the legacy of dePaul Univerversity’s namesake.

Street newspapers (or street papers) are newspapers or magazines sold by homeless or poor individuals and produced mainly to support these populations. Most such newspapers primarily provide coverage about homelessness and poverty-related issues, and seek to strengthen social networks within homeless communities. Street papers aim to give these individuals both employment opportunities and a voice in their community.

From the Streetwise website…

Streetwise serves as a model for street papers across North America. Its staff have received numerous national, state, and local awards for the quality of StreetWise offerings, its service to the homeless population of Chicago, and its importance to the community in general. Reporters and contributors include professional journalists, journalism students, and StreetWise vendors, as well as clients from other Chicago area social service organizations. The agency strives to produce a weekly media journal that has value beyond its role in supporting the organization’s charitable mission. Producing a quality magazine allows vendors to earn an income in a dignified manner as they transition to stable employment.

Entrepreneurial Employment: Provides a flexible employment opportunity via the sales and marketing of StreetWise Magazine.

  • Vendors purchase the magazine from the agency for $.75 a copy and resell it at retail for $2, (thereby earning a profit of $1.25 per copy).
  • The Entrepreneurial Employment Program teaches vendors to learn hard job skills, include salesmanship, marketing, and customer service as well as appropriate workplace behavior.
  • The earned profits help vendors afford housing, food, clothing, and necessary personal items.

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