I recently received a link to Cybermissions.org. When I saw sections on Cybercafes as vehicles for evangelization of unreached people I quickly realized I had much to learn. But my eyes popped when I discovered a  page of links. to articles covering various topics in cybermissions with the aim of equipping one to delve into a cross-cultural online ministry.
I was amazed to discovered there is even such a thing as a specialized Cybermissions Search Engine. Talk about “one-stop shopping!

The site even provides very well done training in Cybermissions via  three 6-week courses:

The 2010 powerpoint “The Future Of Internet Ministry” is well-informed, visionary and practical PowerPoint written Sept. 2010 (which you are encouraged to use.)

The Edges of Cyberspace How to reach ‘the next billion Internet users’ who will come online in the next two to three years as cell phones, PDAs and other devices become Internet capable. They will mainly be from the developing world, have incomes between $2000 – $5000 per year and not have cars, computers or landlines but will use mobile devices and Internet cafes. Incredibly challenging!! (PowerPoint format)

The link Paul vs. John – Information Security Then & Now (Why Paul Got More Press but John Lived Longer) caught my eye as it might yours.

The language and terms will seem strange in some places for a Catholic audience but the technology is quite well researched and presented. And the methodology has been proven effective.

John Paul II exhorted us before his death to “launch out into the deep of the Internet.” Here is a site that has truly dropped the nets for a catch.

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