In honor of St. Vincent de Paul’s feast day Sept. 27, a handwritten letter, dating to 1648, by St. Vincent de Paul was displayed in the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth  motherhouse dining room after dinner Monday. The letter, written in de Paul’s native French, translates to: …Click Read More

“The Reverend Father Boulart is assured by his servant Vincent that he (Vincent) has given his (formal) agreement about the Abbey of Nieuil in favor of Reverend Father Beurrier. This (agreement) has been sent to Mr. de la Rose, secretary to Monseigneur the Cardinal, to have it sent on to him.”

It is signed “Vincens Depaul, unworthy priest of the mission.”

Kathy Hertel-Baker, director of the SCN Archival Center, said the letter has been at Nazareth at least since 1990. Included with it was information about an auction in Boston, Mass., and a certificate of authenticity. Hertel-Baker assumes someone donated it, but she isn’t sure.

The letter is stored in a climate-controlled vault in an acid-free envelope in an acid-free folder, Hertel-Baker said.


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At the conclusion of this year marking the 350th anniversary of the deaths of Saint Vincent de Paul and Saint Louise de Marillac, we are happy to announce a milestone in the work of making the former’s words available to a much larger public.  After 34 years of painstaking labor, the definitive English edition of the writings and talks of Saint Vincent de Paul is finally nearing completion.  The last of the content volumes in the series, Vincent de Paul: Correspondence, Conferences, Documents, has been published.  Only the Index of the 14-published volumes remains to be done and work has begun on that.  These books are available for purchase.  For further information or to place an order, please email: or write: Vincentian Translation Project, 333 S Seton Ave, Emmitsburg MD 21727-9297, USA. When writing, if possible please include an email address to facilitate communication.

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