As Father Gregory Gay, CM the 23rd successor of St. Vincent de Paul, will point out in his opening remarks to us online at VirtualVins this is one of  the major events in the celebration of this 350th Jubilee Year.
Not only are we coming to grips with an approach to service that is new for many of us, “systemic change,” but we are using means of communication that were unthinkable to us even a few short years ago.
We have almost 25 local groups from  Halifax to Los Angeles, Florida to the state of Washington  participating in this event. And then there are the individuals who could not get to a local gathering who will be sign on as  individuals. All told we expect some 500 to participate.

You can join the discussion via Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and our blog.

(More sites have been added since the above graphic was made.)

Since this is a pioneering venture with literally no budget and the barest minimum of staff support this event will not rise to the level of a network broadcast. However, we  sincerely hope that Sr. CJ’s presentation, your own local discussions and the ensuing panel discussion online will be engaging enough  to merit your attention in spite of the limitations of transmission

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