“To speak about Louise de Marillac, in one sense, is to stand in awe once more at God’s loving plan for humanity, the Church, persons living in poverty, and God’s special concern for those who are simple and humble of heart. Yes, our God is a God of surprises, and in rereading the life of Louise we can see how God continually takes human pathways in showing us God’s love…” Sr Antoinette Marie Hance DC

I will present three parts in this rapid overview of Louise de Marillac:
1. Louise’s life

I- the first 35 years: Experience of poverty and the foundational events of her life
II-the last 34 years: the miracle of the servant of God

2. An example of her collaboration: with the foundlings

3. Her secret: Louise’s heart, in a certain sense, has been replaced by the heart of Christ

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