We’ve heard from the Daughters of Charity in Tome and Talcahuano. They are well after the shock. In Tome, the tsunami would have reached Marguerite Nasseau School, but we have no report of damage. In Maule a sister of a Daughter of Charity has been rescued alive from the rubble of her house that was completely destroyed.

In Talcahuano, the Miraculous Medal Children’s Home –where two sisters are (with 40 children) — had to be evacuated, and was nearly hit by the tsunami.

In the Parish St. Vincent de Valparaiso, they’ve had to celebrate Masses in meeting rooms, since the church does not provide safety. The authorities had banned large gatherings, but people showed up for Mass and you can not stop celebrating the Eucharist.

We’ve heard nothing of JMV members Tome Los Angeles. The lack of news causes us anguish….e

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