Sister Germaine dc-international, representing the Company of the Daughters of Charity at the United Nations , shares the news  from the UN. More than 3,000 events were held in more than 120 countries as part of the campaign “Stand Up, Take Action, and End Poverty Now”. Governments were urged to keep the promises they made in 2000 and take action to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. See also video Showing “Stand Up Against Poverty” event held at “Proyeto Juan Diego” run by the Daughters of Charity in Brownsville, Texas, USA.

The Guinness World Record was broken by the more than 173 million people around the world who joined forces with the United Nation’s call to world leaders to take action to stamp out poverty. This is nearly 60 million more people than took part in this effort in 2008. At least 100 million people in Asia took part while Africa had nearly 40 million participants. The Arab region has 30 million, Europe, 2 million, Latin and North America, 200,000 each and Oceania had more than 170,000.

For the full story visit the international site of the Daughters of Charity

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