350-ppt-1“Vincent and Louise pursued with relentless passion a dream they believed in… a dream that was like a fire that consumed them. They dreamt of giving themselves completely to following Christ by evangelizing and serving the poor of their time. …

“Vincent and Louise, however, were not born with this dream. In fact they had other dreams when they were young… dreams like we all have. But as they tried to realize these early dreams, they were constantly hounded by disappointments, failures, unexpected twists and turns as though an unseen hand was standing in the way of their realization.”

How has the story of Vincent or Louise influenced your life in the concrete?
Which challenge posed by our contemporary world to our Vincentian service of the poor is of greatest concern to you? Why? What steps can we take as Vincentian Family to address this challenge?
What are your hopes for:

  • yourself as a member of the Vincentian Family
  • your branch of the Vincentian Family
  • the Vincentian Family worldwide

so that the dream of Vincent and Louise be kept alive?

See the reflection of Sr. Julma, DC,   Remembering Vincent and Louise – Two Great Prophets of Charity the first in a series ot 12 monthly reflections.

The Twelve Themes are:

  1. Our Reason for Celebrating Saint Vincent and Saint Louise Today: Rediscovering Their Dynamism and Being Filled with Their Spirit
  2. The Role of Interiority and Devotion in the Vincentian Family
  3. The Spirit of Saint Vincent
  4. The Spirit of Saint Louise
  5. Who is Jesus for Saint Vincent?
  6. Who is Jesus for Saint Louise?
  7. Service to Poor People
  8. Evangelization of  Poor People
  9. The Different Forms of Poverty
  10. Celebrating this Anniversary with Poor People
  11. In What Ways the Charism of Saint Vincent and Saint Louise Is Lived Differently in the Various Branches of the Vincentian Family
  12. The Collaboration of Saint Vincent and Saint Louise in the Service of Poor People

For more official information visit the official international site of the 350th Jubilee in 6 languages.

Please send your thoughts and projects to 350famvinen@gmail.com

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