SCN-IndiaHoly Family Hospital hospital has become synonymous with curative and preventive health-care services, community-development and social-welfare programs, and training “that fosters the full development of people. Jointly managed by the Medical Mission Sisters and  the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth more than  2,000 nurses have been trained so far. The roughly 500 Religious women trained as nurses at the hospital have become “the fulcrum” of the Church’s rural health ministry in Bihar on the western bank of Ganges.

Hoshil Tiwary, a Hindu, said the hospital treated his gallbladder ailment for half the amount he spent earlier in a private nursing home for the same treatment. The Church hospital charged only the actual costs incurred, he added.

What impressed Tiwary most, however, was the hospital staff’s “intrinsically loving and human” concern and care, which he said helped lessen his physical and mental pain.

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