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Sister of Charity, Regina BechtleSister Regina Bechtle, a Sister of Charity of New York, enriched the reflection that has been taking place since the beginning of the Assembly by her treatment of the theme Community as a sign of prophecy and hope.

In the third part of her talk, Sister Regina referred to concrete means of practising prophecy and hope
Listen: This is a difficult discipline but we know how healing it can be when another person takes time to listen to our story.
Learn: Try to learn rather than teach, to learn from one another, to be a “learning community”, keep on trying to learn from one another.
Let go: Recognise and accept our wounds, our feelings and our faults.
Live in the place of “both-and”: Accept the dualism in ourselves; our Founders believed that life could spring forth from fruitful tension.
Let yourselves dream together: We need community to nurture the gifts of hope and prophecy.

In conclusion, Sister Regina asked the question, “How shall we recognise if we have succeeded?” … To the extent that we share with the poor or not. … or … If others look at us and say, “See how they love one another”.

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