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Two Vincentians are traveling to Ecuador to bring clean water filtration technology known as BioSand filtration. With this process most common home-based models can produce between 20 and 60 litres of water per hour. The process is certified by the Center of Affordable Water and Sanitation  Technology (CAWST) in Calgary Canada. Their mission is to provide technical training, consulting, and to act as a centre of expertise in water and sanitation for the poor in developing countries.

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Their letter…

Dear Fr. Freund,

My husband and I, Vincentians from Michigan, USA, were certified by CAWST (The Center of Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology in Calgary Canada) as trainers of BioSand filtration technology,  which has not yet been introduced to Ecuador. . We are going to be in Ecuador Mar. 20 – April 3. Since there are Vincentians in Ecuador, I am  wondering if you can forward this information to them. We are offering to train them in what we believe is the best low cost water filtration available for the  poor.

There are over 200,000 units now in use world wide and BioSand is recommended by the World Health Organization and others to provide low cost clean drinking water in third world countries especially for the poor, who cannot afford the more expensive alternative methods. Recent  research by an impressive quarter of a million dollar study by Dr. Mark Sobsey, University of North Carolina, shows BioSand filters are very effective in producing clean drinking water from disease contaminated sources, such as found all over Ecuador.

We are arriving in Santo Domingo de los Colorados (outside Quitto about three hours) and on March 24, we will be presenting a demonstration of BioSand filters and explain how they work. We are Rotarians partnering with the local Caritas and the local Rotary organization fore funding and support. We are working also with three parish priests.

BioSand filters are able to remove 100% of all parasites and helminths(worms) , 96-99% of bacteria, 85% of viruses and what was muddy water comes out crystal clear. With a few drops of chlorine, 100% is achieved. Cases of diarrhea are significantly reduced with BioSand (up to 35-55% reduction in cases) and better percentages are possible with convincing the people to practice hygiene (we will attempt this) because diarrhea is not only caused by unclean water but by other sources of contamination. We are especially trying to reduce child mortality, I’m sure you know 10 million children five and under die every year from eater related diseases.

We will use two steel molds we had made prior to our trip to produce two filters a day and establish a micro business among the poor families who will continue to produce the filters when we leave with follow-up guidance from Rotary and Caritas representatives who are parners in our project. These filters can provide 17-20 gallons of clean water per day. We will be initiating a
program for which we are finalizing a $25,000.00 grant with Rotary International to provide 250 filters for 250 poor families in three parishes and another 70 for 70 rural schools (with 4,000 students). It will cost $5,000.00 to pay for a Spanish speaking trainer from CAWST, who will teach the same information and perhaps be going to Ecuador and 6 to 8 months. However, we are going
here at our own expense and willing to open our class in Spanish with Spanish translators to some major charities, such as yourselves, who are already doing so much good in Ecuador and train a representatives to make filters, if
they desire.

Please let me know if we can be of service to your representatives, partners or contacts in Ecuador.

Mrs Carol Cousineau

Here are two videos that show a BioSand filter performing. I thought you would like to see what we’re going to be building and how it works. Click on the links.
Also, here is a video that shows dirty water going in and resulting cleanwater coming out:
Another BioSand demo in English:
Here is a very brief animated description of how it works:

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